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Flipping Websites – Leasing Websites… Which is best?

Hey Offliners…

As some of you may remember, I attempted to employ the “lease-a-site” model

So I chose roofers in RI….

I wasn’t really getting anywhere UNTIL I put up a Google Places listing…

Then I start gettin’ calls from customers…. and calling roofers to pass out the leads…

And one guy even gave me a kick back for job he got from it!! … So I started sending out postcards and cold calling roofers….

I’d tell em “I designed a roofing site for an online class, and now people are calling me… yada, yada, yada…”

Then this one roofer guy called and said “let’s talk” and basically just wanted it…
$197 — and he wants it for 5 years.



Actually I think I coulda got more, but it was an “expereience.”

P.S. When I changed the google map listing (and put his number on it) it
disappeared for now… which I had a feeling it might… I’ll see what happens.

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Leasing Websites to Local Offline Business Owners

I was on one of my favorite forums: OfflineGoldForum.com and one poster talked about how he created an ‘ego domain” and website for say “roofers.”

It could be BestLouisvilleRoofer.com or something similar like below:


Then the idea would be to make it into a postcard (above) and then mail it to say 5-10 roofers who have no website (or have a cruddy-named website) and say:

“This postcard is being sent to 5 roofers in your area! The first roofer who wants the site, get’s it!”

He then leases it for a monthly recurring rate.

So all you gotta do is pick a niche; wood flooring, cabinet maker, plumber, etc. and you got a nice little monthly recurring thing going for you.

For more details, just go to: